Let’s Talk About Attention Deficit

So ADHD and ADD are very common in the U.S It can cause a lot of problems for a lot of people, recently a niche market has started thanks to Kickstarter and the fidget cube and spinner blow up. Now, here’s my opinion on it, these things are wonderful! There need to be more things like this catering to the mentally ill. I believe we should cater to all disabled like this, especially the mentally ill who tend to be forgotten at times but is also an epidemic. I believe, things like these┬áspinners and fidget cubes could really improve the lives of a lot of people. Consider getting one of your own I’ll leave an amazon link below for those of you interested.
D-JOY Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Hand Spinner Camouflage, Stress Reducer Relieve Anxiety and Boredom Camo (Starry sky)


How To Take a Positive Learning Iniative

Many people get stuck in a rut as the exit school, they sometimes forget how to learn actively and just go about their lives. However, many propose taking time to engage in a positive learning initiative. Such as taking up new hobbies such as gardening and learning new skills such as carpentry or any skill that you learn to work with your hands. It may be hard to find time to do this between work and other life obligations but overall it is highly beneficial not only to your physical health but your mental health as well. Consider taking the time to teach yourself a new skill, some view it as a form of self care even and make special time every day or every week to help keep themselves happy. Remember treat yourself well, because no one can ever love you the way you can!

Positive Coping Skills for Life Moments.


Life is full of surprises sometimes these surprises are pleasant or sometimes these surprises are not for the not so pleasant surprises I recommend coping skills. Here I will include a list of positive coping skills for all of life’s unpleasant moments including anxiety and depression.


Coping skills:
Use deep breathing, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, try holding the breath for 8 seconds it helps oxygenate the brain and relaxes the body bringing focus.

Try meditating, it will help you relax there is a bunch of nice relaxation video’s on YouTube, some of my favorites are meta meditations or listening to soundscapes while thinking positive thoughts.

Try asmr, it is a form of relaxation videos on YouTube some people report dopamine responses from these types of videos.

Try online hypnosis videos from YouTube. I find these to be particularly helpful for almost any long term stressful situation you can imagine there is a great variety of topics you can access.

Try when feeling a great deal of fear employing curiosity and being proactive.

If having image issues try to employ positive affirmation mantras in front of the mirror every day.

If having anxiety try EFT on YouTube and in everyday life as well as a positive mantra.

Try artist outlets for stress such as coloring or taking up a new craft. Such as tie blanket making or knitting or crotchet which are some of my personal favorites.

I hope these help you these are some of my favorite coping tools.